A Brief History of Villa Dolce

Franco and Maria, the owners of Villa Dolce, moved to Costa Rica, from Italy, in 1995.
Franco is Italian, from near Venice, and Maria is from the North of England.
They always had as a life plan to eventually live somewhere peaceful, exciting and warm.

Franco and Maria came to Costa Rica for a short holiday in 1995, loved the place and moved to Alajuela just a few months after.

To start their adventure, they bought a property including an old, original Costa Rican farmhouse.
After much consideration, they decided to keep this lovely house, built in rich wood and now artfully restored to maintain its original character and warm atmosphere.

Guests can still enjoy the original wood work and flooring of the house where the reception, common areas and restaurant are now located.
In time, they built the standard rooms and then the villas and Hotel Villa Dolce opened its doors in 1996.
After so many years, the family still feels blessed to be able to live in such a lovely and green place.

Franco and Maria now run the hotel together with their daughter, Jessica, and a well-established, friendly team.

Meet the Owners


Franco is originally from the North of Italy, near Venice. He has been a business man all his life. He traveled around the world for work until he decided to find a place in the sun and move to Costa Rica. He enjoys the quality of life and the lovely weather Costa Rica has to offer.


Maria is from the North of England, but lived most of her life in Italy. Maria enjoys conversations with guests and is in charge of all the administrative side of the business.
She is also very artistic and takes pleasure in decorating the hotel.



Restaurant & Pizzeria Italiana

Enjoy breakfast and dinner on the open air terrace with views overlooking the garden and swimming pool.
Our open air terrace is part of the original, old Costa Rican farm house, built in rich wood and artfully restored to maintain its original character and restful ambiance.


Costa Rica Travel Advisement

Hotel Villa Dolce has the greatest location for you to start or finish your travels to Costa Rica in a green place. We offer comfortable accommodations at Greatest Rates, Costa Rica Travel Advisement and guide consultation on tour arrangements and car rentals.


Greatest Rates in Costa Rica

At Hotel Villa Dolce, We offer Clean, Large, Comfortable, Great Value Rooms and Villas with many of the facilities of more expensive hotels at a much lower price.
Plus our friendly service will make you feel right at home.
Pets are welcome!!!